EA And DICE Give Us 5 Minutes Of Star Wars: Battlefront Gameplay And It’s Awesome

I’ve been pretty cynical of the new Star Wars: Battlefront game from DICE thus far, but this newly released gameplay footage has given me hope that they really do know what they are doing with license and the Battlefront name.

I’m still a little unhappy with some of the design decisions like the player count being a pretty low twenty and the lack of Galactic Conquest, but this demo hits hard. The game looks glorious and claims to be captured directly from a Playstation 4, while the action is a brilliant rendition of the battle for Hoth.

The video confirms that we can leap in fighters and bombers and also into AT-ATs to rain down fire, although they do seem to be on rails which is…disapointing. The action just seems right. And then it happens, Darth Vader enters the fray by force choking the shit out of a Rebel. And then it happens again, because here comes Luke.

The Star Wars nerd in me is happy. The gamer in me is impressed. The critic in me remains cautious.


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