Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Collector’s Edition Is Stupid Expensive


Who exactly is buying these things? I used to love a good Collector’s Edition, but these days the prices are absurd and the contents utter pants, only pants are actually practical, useful things to have.

Speaking of absurdity; EA. Or more precisely EA have today announced a Collector’s Edition for the forthcoming Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst which isn’t due out until February of next year. The pricetag? $200, which works out at about £130. Yeesh.

So, what do you get for that? The key component is a 14″ statue that depicts Faith as both an adult and a child. It looks quite detailed from the image EA have released, but it’s hardly spectacular. The package also comes with a special collector’s box which does look quite nice, but again it’s nothing amazing. Rounding it off is a steelbook, a lithograph and some concept art. Oh, and some temporary tatoos, for some reason.

If you hadn’t already guessed I’m hardly impressed with this offering. Considering the hefty price tag this is a completely dull package.

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