Planetary Annihilation: Titans Expansion Announced And Released


Uber Entertainment have sprung a surprise today by not only announcing Planetary Annihilation: Titans, a stand-alone expansion to Planetary Annihilation, but also releasing it, too.

Anybody who backed the original game on Kickstarter will get the new pack for free. Meanwhile if you already own the core game on Steam but didn’t back it on Kickstarter you can get a hefty 66% discount on Titans until October 18th, bringing the price down to £10.20. Yes, that does mean the normal price is a slightly absurd £29.99

Titans brings in a grand total of 21 new units, including the titular Titans, gigantic machines capable of massive destruction. You’ll also get new multi-level terrain to combat the major criticsm that the maps were way too damn flat, a new bounty mode, and an improved tutorial for the single-player, which is hopefully vastly better than the near non-existent one previously seen.

Public reaction has so far been pretty mixed. While there’s quite a few people happy to see the game being expanded upon and perhaps finally live up to its own huge potential, there’s also a lot of very angry gamers who feel that Planetary Annihilation has been a mess from the very start, with many bugs and problems still present in the core game. Essentially they feel as those they’re being asked to pay for a glorified updated that finally brings the game closer to what they were originally promised, and that all the time spent working on this could have been used to fix the core game.

Personally, I have mixed feelings. That’s one hell of a price-tag for what reads like a relatively uninspired feature list. The new units are a big deal, but surely the improved terrain should have been an update to the core game? Likewise the improved tutorial? Having said that, Planetary Annihilation had loads of potential and I’d love to see it finally unlock that potential.

I’ve requested a review code so I can check it out for myself.

In the mean time, you could always read my review of the original game:
CLICK ME! Or die horribly. Just kidding. Sort of.

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  1. A Planetary Annihilation update was definitely awaited and it’s with much relief that we need to welcome Titans. I have got the expansion and I need to admit that I pretty glad with all the perks that have been added. I wonder what Uber Entertainment have in reserve next!?

  2. At launch, Planetary Annihilation had a singleplayer skirmish mode but concentrated its efforts on competitive multiplayer. The Titans edition – free to backers of the original and discounted for those who bought it after release – adds some flesh to the metallic skeleton of singleplayer, building on the Galactic War campaign mode that Uber patched in after launch.

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