Batman: Arkham Knight Will Finally Get “Interim” PC Patch In The Next Few Weeks


The launch of Batman: Arkham Knight on PC was one of the biggest PR disasters in quite some. While the game ran well on consoles the PC version was plagued by problems, including being locked to 30fps, horrendous performance, low-resolution textures and much, much more.

Following the game being pulled from sale on Steam until it was deemed to be of sufficient quality, Warner Bros. announced that with Rocksteady they were focusing entirely on getting the game fixed, meanwhile a different developer handled the creation of the ouright boring Bat-girl DLC. Rocksteady and Warner Bros. announced plans to release an “interim” patch in August that would hopefully bring the game up to at least a playable state.

Today they’ve revealed that the patch is nearly ready and should be out in the coming two weeks, meaning they may miss their August window. According to them the patch will do the following:

  • Reduced frame rate hitches
  • Optimized system memory and VRAM usage
  • Improved performance on all GPUs (requires the latest drivers)
  • Min Spec AMD GPU is once again the Radeon HD 7870 2GB
  • Added the ability to change settings for Max FPS to 30/60/90
  • Added toggles for Motion Blur, Chromatic Aberration, and Film Grain
  • Added a “High” Texture Resolution value
  • Added Texture Filtering option
  • Added an Adaptive V-Sync option (NVIDIA only)
  • Added VRAM Usage Meter
  • Added Mouse Sensitivity Slider & Mouse Smoothing Option
  • Fixed low resolution texture bugs
  • Fixed hitches when running on mechanical hard drives (HDD)

Warner said the above list is the priority, but they are also working on bringing the following:

  • Skipping the boot up splash screens
  • DLC/Season Pass content
  • Additional updates such as Photo Mode

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