Frozenbyte Posts Frank And Apologetic Video Response To Trine 3 Feedback

Developer Frozenbyte has responded to negative Trine 3 feedback via an open and very honest video. Upon launch many fans felt that the game was overly short and wrapped up with a disappointing cliffhanger ending. In my own review I attempted to explain that while Trine 3 doesn’t manage to match the same level of quality as Trine 2 it was still very enjoyable.

In the video Frozenbyte honestly admit that they made a mistake by not explaining to fans that they were splitting the story up and that it would be a relatively short game, but a direct result of the switch to 3D costing far more than anticipated. With no money left over Frozenbyte made the call to split the story, see how well Trine 3 did and then decide whether to finish the story via paid DLC, a free update or a standalone game.

In the video they also ask fans to feel frustrating toward the marketing team rather than the developers themselves as it was their decision to simply say nothing, something they now admit was a mistake. They continue on to say that had they simply explain what was happening then the game may have been better received.

They end on a glum note, stating that, “”It’s pretty much do or die for us at this point. Back to the drawing board.” This echoes previous statements that the series future is now in doubt.

It would be a terrible shame to see Frozenbyte fold over a mistake such as this. And yes, I do agree with their own statements; most of the backlash could have been mitigated had their been more open communication regarding the decision to split the story. Speaking of which the plot really did need reworked to better fit the short run time, something I noted in my review when I spoke of weird pacing and the jarring finale. However, mistakes happen and it’s still a fun game.

Fingers crossed for Frozenbyte.


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