Metal Gear Solid V Gets FOB Insurance Via Microtransaction


Konami continue on their march to become the most despised company in gaming by launching a new microtransaction in Metal Gear Solid V that lets players purchase insurance for their online FOBs using real money.

If you purchase the insurance then during the covered period time any resources lost to another player raiding your FOB will be compensated. The service works by essentially keeping all resources stolen by your opponent on your base, and then simply handing the rival identical copies of their hard-earned resources.

Metal Gear Solid V was already in the middle of some controversey over its inclusion of microtransactions which let players buy MB coins for real money. The game occasionally hands over free coins as a log-in bonus.

Another microtransaction has also been added that lets you speed up the construction of a platform or development of new gear. Players suspected this would be added at somepoint as soon as they saw how the system worked at launch.

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