Batman: Arkham Knight PC Version Back On Sale, But May Still Be A Mess


Four months Warner Bros. removed Batman: Arkham Knight from sale following massive backlash from consumers over the game’s horrendous launch state, promising to fix the multitude of problems that had been stopping many people from enjoying it.

Now, four months on, Batman: Arkham Knight has returned to Steam, and according to many people it’s still a mess.

Warning bells were sounded when Warner Bros. posted a blog post stating that, “After extensive testing, a hard drive paging issue with some GPUs on Windows 7 may occur after extended gameplay sessions. If you encounter this, simply re-launching the game will resolve the issue.” This was followed by them saying, “For Windows 10 users, we’ve found that having at least 12GB of system RAM on a PC allows the game to operate without paging and provides a smoother gameplay experience.”

12GB of RAM. Damn. Now, even now 8GB is viewed as being as much as anybody will normally need for gaming with a few exceptions, while 4GB is seen as the minimum but still normally perfectly usable provided you’re okay with lower settings. The 16GB that I personally have is seen as overkill for anything less than video and photo editing. Needless to say this requirement for people running Windows 10, which is a lot of people considering the upgrade to Windows 10 is currently free, caused considerable annoyance.

Many Steam reviews are still reporting massively fluctuating framerates, crashes and much more. In fairness it does seem to be working quite well for some people, but if the Steam reviews are anything to go by they are in the minority currently.

Eurogamer asked their esteemed Digital Foundry department to have a quick look at the game, saying, “the results suggest that Batman: Arkham Knight today has seen no further improvements from its interim patch back in September.”

Steam user Paulocaust says, “I’ve waited patiently for four months, but this game still simply doesn’t work. I have a pretty decent rig – 16GB RAM, i4770k, 2xGTX 770 in SLI, and the game installed on an SSD, and I can’t run the game at a tolerable framerate even when I bust the resolution down to 900p (which is quite an insult). Stuttering, tearing, sync issues – there’s been no improvement since at least the September patch. I’ve been a PC gamer for 30 years and this is arguably the worst release I’ve seen since BattleCruiser 3000AD from a stability standpoint, considering the amount of time they’ve had to fix it up.

WB, you’ve lost a customer for good. ”

As a form of compensation Warner Bros. have included all three prior Arkham games for free, but this didn’t go down too well, either, as users pointed out that not only are these games on sale for dirt cheap much of the time, but most people own them already.

Even if we assume that the Steam reviews and forums are skewed toward the negative, which they quite often are, and that for most people it now runs fine it’s hardly an impressive return for a game that was removed from sale for four months. It’s horrible to see Rocksteady’s final Batman game destroyed in such a manner.


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  1. testgamerde says:

    It’s really a shame when you look how shitty some portings are…

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