UPDATED: Gamers Left Furious After GAME Cancels Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Editions At The Last Minute


UPDATE: GAME have responded by admitting that the error was on their end, and that customers Pip-boy Editions are “safe” and will not be released for sale to the general public. Furthermore GAME have said to expect an Email within the next 48-hours updating customers on the status of their order.

Gamers have been left irate after retailer GAME informed them that they would not be getting their Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Editions, just days before the game is due out. The exact number of orders that have been cancelled is not yet known, but there are some people who will still be getting their £99 edition of the game.

So what happened? Emails began appearing in inboxs offering this baffling explanation:

“We have tried to process your order and have hit a few issues. Unfortunately your bank has come back to us and they have not allowed the payment to go through. For your security and privacy they do not share the reasons with us.

We do know that they usually reject payments for some of the following reasons: Billing address does not match registered card address. Sufficient funds not available. Card expired/out of date.”

What this means is that we cannot collect payment or ship your order right now. Please contact Customer Service on 02088270099 and we will replace your order for you.”

Numerous people have already confirmed that nothing has changed about their bank accounts and that the fund are available and waiting. More importantly, why would something like this suddenly strike such a large group of people? This has left a lot of folk questioning whether this is a genuine problem, or if GAME are making excuses, perhaps for being unable to fulfill all orders. After all, surely if the problem is just processing the payment GAME could simply ask for an alternate payment method and still fulfill the order.

Furthermore people are also saying that they can’t get through on the expensive number provided, or that they are being hung up on.

If that wasn’t enough there’s also a few people reporting that they’re being charged double, according to their confirmation Emails.

NeoGaf gather up some proof, as seen below.



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