The Generic ‘Follow Me On Twitter’ Post


Hey boys and girls,

Yup, I’ve finally started using Twitter. Well, actually I’ve had an account for years and inconsistently used it during that time, as in I’ve posted a few things maybe every month or two, hence having very few followers. And that’s where you guys come in; if you have Twitter and enjoy this site then please consider giving me a follow @wolfsgamingblog

If you don’t have Twitter or just can’t be bothered then that’s cool, too. I’m pretty thankful for you just stopping by to read my reviews and other collecting horribleness.

Since I’m here I’ll also mention what’s coming up. first off I’ll be reviewing Mordheim: City of the Damned and Rainbow Six Siege, so keep your eyes peeled for this arriving. I’m also going to be reviewing Steelseries’Siberia 200 headset which is currently in transit. Hopefully it’ll be here soon. Finally I’ve got Alienware’s X51 in for review as well which marks my first attempting at reviewing an entire desktop computer. Please feel free to laugh at how badly I do.

Take care everyone,


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