Merry Christmas


Fine folk, it is once again Christmas, meaning we’re almost at the end of another year and the dawn of a whole new beginning, one in which we shall promise to do many great things, and then prompty forget about them all in about a week.

This year even more people seem jaded by Christmas, struggling to get into the merry spirit. The much qouted reason is, of course, because it has become so commercialised, but you can counter that by simply not letting your own Christmas become a commercial mess. Kids these days have extravagant lists of objects they desire, and parents are all too happy to spend vast sums of money to acquire them. Crazy stuff. No, I think the reason more people are jaded than ever isn’t just one thing, it’s everything. The world is a mess, and folk are finding it harder to be cheerful, even when it comes to happy holidays.

I’ve managed to retain a love of Christmas, though. Sure, I don’t exactly bounce around like I did as a kid, but I still look forward to immensely. It’s a time for board games, movies, food, drink, presents and, most importantly, family.

Speaking of which, merry christmas, my extended family. As always you have made my year all the better. So I hope you have a good one. I’ll be raising a glass to you all.



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