Behold These Meerkats!


I get a lot of strange Emails that find their ways into my inbox on a daily basis, many from advertising companies seeking some marketing, others from bloggers wanting tips, some asking if I’ll cover a Kickstarter or some baffling project that looks like it was created by a madman with access to special mushrooms 24/7.

And then Compare the Market contacted me. You know the one. The insurance company who somehow managed to make animated Meerkats famous, something which still astonishes me to this day. In their Email they asked for my address because they wanted to send me something mysterious. Confused I agreed provided it was going to be something actually relevant to my site, to which they promised it would be….

And that’s how I got the two Meerkats that you see here, one decked out as Batman and other as Superman, both styling the Superman v Batman outfits to celebrate the upcoming move movie. Just look at them, in all their stupid cuteness. And look at those six-packs!

Now, there are some hiccups. Bat-Kats right ear has somehow been sewn to his head and the mask doesn’t fit great, but Sergei as Super-Kat looks awesome in his costume.

Now, please do understand these were sent to me for free with the request that I perhaps feature them on the site and mention how you can get your mitts on them, thus it is a SPONSORED post in essence. Yes, I thought the Meerket toys were that cool.


On that note, the deal they are offering right now is called Heroic Rewards, and basically if you purchase new insurance through you can choose to join up to Meerkat Movies which means every week for one year you’ll get a voucher for 2 for 1 movie tickets at participating cinemas, plus you;ll get to choose between Aleksandr as Batman or Sergei as Superman. Just make sure you read the terms and conditions as not all products qualify for the offer.

Are plush toys worth buying insurance for? Absolutely not! But if you need insurance anyway, love movies AND want a Meerkat dressed like the Dark Knight then this offer might be for you.

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