Battlefield 1 Officially Announced by EA and DICE, Set During World War 1

EA and DICE have lifted the lid on the next entry in the popular Battlefield series, announcing Battlefield 1. A lot of gamers have expressed a desire to see one of the bigger FPS companies to attempt a World War 1 game, and DICE and EA have hopped on that desire by setting the new game during The Great War. Unsurprisingly details are a bit thin on the ground at the moment, but it was confirmed that there will five classes in the multiplayer, and that there will still be 64-players in a match, although a greater emphasis on close-quarters combat is expected.

Weapons and vehicles will include horses, flamethrowers, battleships, biplanes, swords and much, much more.

As for the campaign it’ll follow a number of characters, but no other details were offered.

The game is due to get released on October 21st, although rumours suggest people who pre-order the Hellfighters Edition will get it on the 18th. Those with EA Access will get to play even earlier on October 16th.


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