Aberdeen Hosts 2017 4TG Event On July 29th and 30th


Last year I covered 4 The Gamers, their very first event held in Aberdeen, Scotland. It was a two-day event brimming with people, indie developers, Youtube guests, VR demonstrations and much more!

Considering it was only the first year the turnout was massive with thousands of eager fans descending on the building, and I was lucky enough to get handed a press badge and unleashed upon the throngs of people. It was a hell of a weekend filled with great folk, fun games and plenty of laughter.

Now 4TG is returning for its second year, now with more indie developers, more guests and more STUFF! Now, it’s not going to be attracting the likes of Bethesda showing off their newest titles or anything like that since it’s still early days, but there’s still going to be plenty of games to play and things to do, and some lunatic has yet again handed me a press badge to cover it all! Clearly they did not learn from the last time.

So, look out for a write-up heading into August, and depending on who is attending keep an eye out for interviews as well, or even some reviews of games from indie devs.

And if you fancy coming along yourself, go grab some tickets and come say hi.


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