MCM Glasgow Comic-Con 2017, I’ll Be There


Two years ago I attended my first Comic-Con event in Glasgow, Scotland, and dutifully wrote down my experience on this very site. So I’m pleased to say that MCM have invited me back, arming my sorry hide with a press pass and giving me free reign to annoy the poor public by taking pictures of them in embarrassing situations. Good stuff.

This year the star guest for me is easily Troy Baker, the voice behind numerous videogame characters, including Joel from The Last of Us, Batman in the Telltale series and Booker DeWitt from BioShock Infinite. That’s a hell of a resume.

With that said my favorite part of my last visit was the amazing costumes. There are people who put some serious work into crafting detailed recreations of some of their favorite characters, and meeting those people is simply awesome. I’m armed with a better camera for this visit, so hopefully I’ll get some wonderful pictures to share with you.

Like before I may also try to snag some comics and do a few reviews. Despite my love of comics (you really need to be reading DC’s Super Sons, by the way) I don’t tend to talk about them here, so a comic-con is a good excuse to feature some interesting books.

The MCM Comic-Con takes place in Glasgow, Scotland on the 23rd and 24th of September. You can check out the site and book tickets by visiting:

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