Weekend Whammy: What Are You Guys Playing?


The weekend has steamrolled into our lives yet again like some sort of demented rhino looking for its lunch. As I write this I’ve just gotten back from walking the dog and taking my two nieces to the funfair that’s in town, so now it’s time to sit down and fire up some games!

So, I’ve managed to resist spending all my time on the absolutely amazing Spider-Man on the PS4 and instead have focused on getting through two games, the first being the new Bard’s Tale title that I got my hands on a good bit before its official release and yet have still somehow managed to fly past the embargo without posting up a review. The problem is I have really mixed feelings on the game that have proven tricky to put into words. It’s a bit of a mess at times with numerous technical failings as well as a bunch of questionable design choices, but buried underneath it all is an interesting little RPG with great turn-based combat and some enjoyable puzzles.

I also bought a copy of Shadow of the Tomb Raider and finally got started on it earlier today. So far I’m not seeing any big leaps from the previous game, but man it looks gorgeous and I’m still a sucker for its cinematic style of adventuring, so I’m looking forward to getting some more hours under my belt. At the end of the day even if it isn’t a huge improvement on the other two I still think it’ll be quite good. Keep your eyes out for my review.

Speaking of buying games I got my grubby mitts on God of War, because if I haven’t played that by the time the end of the year “best games of” post comes around then people are going to be pissed. I mean, my very life might be in danger. And I picked up Ratchet & Clank since I want to catch up on some PS4 exclusives and it just looks like some nice, lighthearted fun. ParticleBits post about it has really got me excited to get it installed and get playing.

And then I spent even more money on an Asus Strix GTX 1080Ti graphics card which will replace my standard GTX 1080. Not the biggest upgrade in the world, but the reviews for the new GTX 2080 range didn’t impressive me. Sure, the pure performance of them is amazing, but the pricing is just absurd for what you get.

Finally, I’m going to wrap this up by saying just how happy I am to see lootboxes finally getting taken more seriously by governments around the world. EA are trying to flex their muscles by defying the Belgium government, and I pray to whatever God might be in the local area that they get their backsides royally whupped.

Oh. Wait. One last thing; a shout out to all the guys and girls over at Telltale games who have lost their jobs. Today the company officially announced its closure with some 250 folk being laid of while a skeleton staff of 25 people are staying behind to fulfill their obligations. While I’ve never personally been a fan of the Telltale games it’s never nice to see hard-working people lose their source of income, and there are obviously many people around the world who love Telltale’s games. I hope all of the fine folk at Telltale find employment at other studios and go on to create awesome games.

So, what are you guys up to this weekend?

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