Are The E-Win Champion Series Gaming Chairs The Ultimate In Comfort?

This post has been sponsored by E-Win Racing.

Gaming chairs have exploded in popularity over the last few years. With so many different models of PC gaming chair on the market choosing one can be daunting. So when E-Win Racing contacted me about their E-Win Champion Series and why they’re some of the best gaming chairs out there I was naturally interested.

Currently selling for $309 (with another 30% off using code PCGamer) on the official E-Win site, the E-Win Champion Series gaming chairs offers some serious bang for your buck.

It starts with the solid steel frame that gives this PC gaming chair the strength and stability that you want and need when paying for a high-end product. A class 4 gas lift able to handle up to 150KG ensures that the Champion Series can handle any size of gamer.

When it comes to comfort the chair features cold molding foam with a 55KG density. This means there’s ample support for those longer sessions without sacrificing durability. All that foam is wrapped up in leather, giving the whole thing a rather classy feel. Said leather has diamond stitching up the backrest to help increase durability while also keeping you cooler and sweat free.

As a top-of-the-line PC gaming chair the E-Win Champion Series also boasts a lot of options for your comfort. 4D armrests covered in PU leather offer front, back, left and right sliding so that you can find the perfect resting position for your arms. Clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation provide even more opportunity to get comfortable in this gaming chair.

There are also two pillows included; one for resting your head on, and another that acts as lumbar support in case you feel like your gaming chair needs a little comfort.

Meanwhile, if you feel like putting up your feet then the Champion Series can recline all the way from 88-degress to 155-degrees with that solid frame and gas lift again ensuring that you don’t feel like toppling over.

On top of that you can tilt the chair, too. A tension control system makes sure that you don’t get those horrible moments where you feel like you’re falling backwards into the void like you do with cheap PC gaming chairs. And a tilt lock ensures you don’t have to tilt unless you absolutely want to.

Finally, E-Win have opted for a sleek look for their Champion Series PC gaming chair. The all-black version is my person favorite. It has a simple, elegant design with the E-Win branding being visible but not in-your-face annoying. You can also snag a version with red trim that looks rather nice, if you happen to fancy something with a little more visual punch.

With its solid construction, top-notch adjust-ability and top-range comfort the E-Win Champion Series gaming chair is clearly a superb product that’s made all the better by its attractive pricing

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  1. It was funny I went into Microcenter with my brother the other day and he was getting a bunch of LED fans and other parts for his computer as well as a new NZXT case and he said something along the lines of I would want that chair but it doesn’t have any RGB and I went ahead and said something along the lines of you’re taking this thing too d*mn far.

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