Wolf’s Gaming Podcast Ep.9: I Got A Switch, Sony Backtracks & More

A new episode of the Wolf’s Gaming Podcast is live and filled with my rambling voice! Hurrah!

This week I talk about a few different topics, including the joy of playing Mario Kart 8 on my new Switch, Sony seemingly retconning their comments regarding console generations, Crysis 2 and 3 being remastered and so much more.

Wolf's Gaming Podcast ep.17: Playstation Showcase & Epic Loses In Apple Legal Battle Wolf's Gaming Podcast

Welcome back, friends. This week is a Sony heavy episode as I chat about the Playstation Showcase and everything that was shown there, plus the recent controversy over the new model of Playstation 5. Plus, the Epic vs Apple legal battles comes to a close (although Epic are already filing an appeal) and despite headlines from major sites, Epic came out worst. All that and more in the longest episode of the Wolf's Gaming Podcast yet. For awesome written reviews visit https://wolfsgamingblog.com/ And to support me and the work I'm doing: https://wolfsgamingblog.com/support-me-2/ Podcast theme music by Transistor.fm. Learn how to start a podcast here
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  4. Wolf's Gaming Podcast ep.14: Movie Talk & Switch OLED
  5. Mario Golf: Super Rush Review – A Rushed Bogey

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