Merry Christmas, Peeps!

Merry Christmas, you dirty animals!

Yes, it’s that time of the year again when presents are opened, food is eaten and at least one family member flips the Monopoly board. And like every year I just wanted to take a minute to wish you all the best. Like 2020, 2021 hasn’t been the easiest of years but hopefully, you’ve muddled through with minimal fuss, minimal Covid and minimal desire to punch people in the face.

The good news is I think things are looking up. The new Omicron variant is spreading like gossip at high school but it also seems to come with much milder symptoms. Now obviously that doesn’t mean you want to catch it, but at least it means that if you do come down with it you should be right as rain! Hurrah, and such.

The point is, we’re heading into a new year, and with it lots of new opportunities to cock the world up with new and exciting pandemics! Truly, it’s a time to be alive. Don’t just settle for Covid, get out there and bring back the Black Plague or Measles or….Justin Beiber? That last one may be a step too far. Don’t be afraid to mess things up in excellent new ways. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

I hope you’ve had an amazing day, whether you’ve spent it with family, or just kicked back on your own or even if you had to work. Whatever the situation, I wish you the very best and all the love in my miserly heart. Myself, well, I’ve had a quiet one with my parents. My brother came down with the flu so he couldn’t come out, and due to the increase in Covid cases my sister stayed home with her boyfriend and son to celebrate their Christmas. It’s a shame but I got treated to my Mum’s amazing roast beef and watched my dog have a blast as he ripped open presents and flounced around with his new toys. He absolutely loves ripping Christmas paper up and will happily play in a pile of the stuff for hours.

I got some pretty wicked stuff, including a Miles Morales hoodie, a new ring, the Witcher videogame compendium and a heap of books to read. I got a gift card for the Cinema, too, so I’m hoping to use it to go watch the new Spider-Man flick, which I’ve had spoiled for me. I’m still super excited to see it, though, and I’ve heard it’s awesome.

As we move into the New Year, which looks set to be non-existent in Scotland, I’m pondering the coming year for this website. I need to get the podcast going properly with a solid release schedule, and I need to find a way to break through the traffic ceiling, or I need to accept that my brand of written reviews have reached their maximum potential. Perhaps that’s because written work is dying out, or perhaps it’s because I have the natural writing talent of a lump of coal.

So, my friends, thank you for sticking with me, reading my reviews and for generally just being good people. Love your life, love yourself and love others. And play games. Obviously.

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