Alan Wake 2 Launching in October

Fans of the 2010 cult-hit Alan Wake have been waiting a long time for a proper sequel. The strong remaster in 2021 helped remind people about the original game, as did Alan Wake themed DLC for Remedy’s incredible Control which officially tied the two game universes together. The existence of a true sequel was confirmed at the Game Awards in 2021 with a planned release in 2023.

Matthew Porretta, who plays the titular Alan Wake, appeared on a podcast this past week titled Monsters, Madness and Magic where he and host Justin chat about all manner of things. It’s a great listen, but the truly exciting information came just over 16 minutes into the Podcast. Discussing Alan Wake 2, Porretta said, “I’ve been working on it. That’s supposed to come out in October. We’re in the middle of working on it now.”

He went on to say that he was just in Finland working with Remedy on the game.


Back in February Remedy stated that they planned on having all the game’s content in place “soon” so the timeframe would seem to line up.

Of course, Porretta wasn’t commenting in any official capacity. However, his words have been given some weight by Remedy themselves asking to have the podcast edited. In the comments a user asked Monstres, Madness and Magic’s host why he didn’t press Porretta a little more on the topic, to which Justin said, “I didn’t press anything Alan Wake related because of NDAs and such, and I was contacted by Remedy this morning to edit the interview but I wasn’t able to before the cat was out of the bag.”

When asked what Remedy had asked him to edit, Justin replied that, “Remedy emailed me and asked me to edit out the October release information, however, i was not home and able to pull the interview before IGN got a hold of it. They no longer wish for me to edit the interview since its far too late at this point.”

Remedy’s speedy attempts to get the podcast edited certainly lend a lot of credence to Porretta’s words. You could argue that they simply wanted to curb the information being spread so as not to get people worked up over something that isn’t going to happen, but it still seems a little suspicious that they would bother.

My guess is that we’ll probably see an official annoucement within a week or so, as it seems pointless to hide it now unless Porretta was speaking utter nonsense.

October is an excellent choice for a release date, too. Right in the middle of spooky season is perfect for some supernatural horror.

And finally, a big shout out to Justin over at Monsters, Madness and Magic for conducting an excellent, fun interview and also managing to accidentally get a huge scoop in the process.


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