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Krater – Review

Release Date: Out Now Developer: Fatshark Publisher: Lace Mamba Singleplayer: Yes Thanks to Lace Mamba for providing a copy of this game for review. You might be surprised to know that not many games take place in Sweden. Then again, what can really happen in the sleepy ex-viking […]

Win A Copy Of Diablo III

Our copy of Diablo III has just been passed off to the master of all things PC, Andrew Hallam, for review and needless to say I’m pretty damn excited to see what he thinks of the game. But thanks to the lovely lads and ladies over at both […]

Time For Some Music

If you’re a regular reader then you may have noticed that a new page, titled GSharp, has popped up at the top of the site, so I thought I’d take a minute and mention what it was and why it’s there. Obviously you can actually go to the […]

Top Fifteen Games Of 2011

As we come up to the start of another year, and another year of games, it’s around this time, usually as I’m getting my ass kicked at some game online, that I start to reflect on the year, and without even consciously realising it I start to create […]