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LotsofGames – Interview!

Following up my interview with Zeitgeist is an interview with another famous Youtube gamer and another of my favorites! LotsofGames has made himself popular thanks to his passion for games and on his channel you’ll fine collection videos, unboxings and more. You can find the link to his […]

Zeitgeist gets grilled! Interview time!

With an ever-increasing amount of game reviewers out there it’s hard to pick out many of them amongst the giants such as IGN and Gamespot who dominate the net. So it’s with great pleasure that I sat down (figuratively) with one of the most respected home-grown reviewers out there […]

Pre-order & Collectors Madness!

With the Summer Drought away to end there is a host of games ready to be released with a few starting this month! Then in September it really hits as games start coming in. So to help you out here’s some of the choicest  upcoming games with some […]

USB Storage Update F.A.Q

(all credit goes to GamingTailor from the forums for writing this handy FAQ to the upcoming update) As many of you already know, on April 6th the Xbox 360 will get an update, which will alow it to read any USB flash drive. The April 6th is […]

The 100 unwritten rules of FPS

Coming courtesy of the forum members of,here are the top 100 unwritten FPS rules. Please remember these are just for fun. Want to add a rule? leave a comment. 1. Anything red must explode if shot. Barrels are usually best, but crates of gas canisters also do […]