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Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2-review

When Infinity Ward released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare even they could not of expected the mass success of the game,it quickly climbed the most played lists and has since remained there,until now. With the release of Modern Warfare 2 the hype was unbearable and Infinty Ward has […]


Batman Arkham Asylum-Review

Tick Toc…It’s time to feed the Croc! Lets face it,everyone has heard of Batman,he’s a household name and has over 70 years of history behind him. From comic books,novels,tv shows and films,yet his gaming history has been a terrible stream of lackluster games that never truly captured the […]

Assassins Creed 2-review

The original Assassins Creed split gamers down the middle,some loved the innovative free-running system and unique story and settings,whilst other’s loathed the game due to a lack of variety in it’s missions and simplistic control system. However the creators of Assassins Creed payed attention to these people,looked at […]