Steelseries Guild Wars 2 Mouse Pad – Review


Alongside the Guild Wars 2 mouse, Steelseries kindly sent over one of their Guild Wars 2 branded QcK mouse pads to try out as well. I’ve never tried reviewing or talking about something like this before, so rather than attempt a full-blown review that spans thousands of words, I thought I’d offer up a quick opinion of it. So, you know, have some mercy on me, here – I’m only little, after all.

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First up is the size and design. At 12.6′ x 10.6′ the mouse pad is larger than your standard surface, so make sure you’ve got the space to use it, otherwise you’re going to look like a bit of a numpty when you’re clutching a pad that doesn’t fit on your table or desk. Sadly, though, the Guild Wars 2 pad doesn’t seem to come in various different sizes like the standard QcK. Mouse pad size is always a personal preference and varies hugely from gamer to gamer. I appreciate larger mouse pads as I like to have the freedom of movement they offer available to me should I want it. As such the Guild Wars 2 QcK is pretty much the perfect size for me, with plenty of movement space available without being so large as to make it hard to use on an average desk.

But while it’s pretty wide and long, it’s surprisingly thin at just 2mm! Again, personal preference comes into this a lot, as different gamers prefer different thicknesses. I tend to prefer thicker pads as they help compensate for any irregularities on your table and offer up some padding for your wrist. However, in this case it does at least mean that it’s easy to roll up and take round to your mates house, should you want to. On the back it’s got a non-slip rubber material that ensures the pad won’t budge an inch when in use, a fact I tested thoroughly.

As pictured above Steelseries sent me over the pad featuring the Logan artwork, and I have to say it looks absolutely stunning. Though I don’t play the game itself I’ve got several Guild Wars 2 posters adorning my walls as I love the game’s visual design, and the pad boasts some of the best concept art the artists have to offer. The red stands out beautifully against the clean, white background and the soft black and greys. When coupled with the mouse I don’t mind admitting that a little bit of drool came out of my wide-open mouth as I gazed lovingly at them. Mind you, I can imagine the pain my soul will be in the first time I accidentally stain that pure white background. Maybe I’ll have to ban any drinks and food in the vicinity of the mouse pad. And as a cloth mouse pad, it attracts dirt and lint like a free buffet attracts….well, everyone, to be honest. Who doesn’t like a free buffet?

Having only been using the pad for nearly two weeks it’s hard to say exactly how durable it is. However, at this stage I’ve yet to see any signs of early fraying or any indications that it might begin to do so over the coming months, and around that magical Internet thing gamers seem suitably impressed by how rugged it is. Rest assured, though, if it does start to fray I’ll come on here and update this little mini-review.

I’d also like to mention the packing that the pad comes in, or more specifically the fact that it doesn’t come rolled up, which is something I dislike. The pad comes packaged flat inside plastic with a cardboard slip cover it, which is great in my eyes.  I’m not a fan of mouse mats being rolled up for packaging, as that often leaves them with crinkles, meaning you usually can’t just take the pad out of the box and use it instantly as you’ll need attack the thing aggressively with your mouse to iron it out, or leave it flattened under some heavy books for a while.


The pad is made from a cloth-material that aims to deliver a smooth glide and that Steelseries claim is optimised for laser and optical mice. It’s a statement that I can’t really argue with. Used in conjunction with Guild Wars 2 mouse the pad provided smooth and consistent gliding along with accurate tracking. However, at this price-point I wouldn’t say it’s the smoothest glide available as I’ve certainly tried other pads that were its equal or better, such as Ozone surface that is currently being used on the computer downstairs. Don’t take that the wrong way, though, because it balances that out by offering just enough friction to ensure good mouse control. It’s easy to get caught up in finding the fastest pad out there, but that doesn’t mean much if you can’t control it well when using small movements, which you can do very well with this.

Really, then, whether or not you buy this pad will probably come down the beautiful artwork that adorns it. You can pick up this Guild Wars 2 QcK pad for the same amount of money as the regular black QcK, and for the money it performs fantastically well – I seriously doubt you’ll be disappointed with it. It’s not quite the smoothest glide I’ve felt, but the difference is so small that unless you’re a professional gamer that’s looking for every possible, you’ll probably never notice it, and it balances that out with a good degree of control. Used in conjunction with the Guild Wars 2 mouse, or any other mouse, for that matter, it’s awesome.

The Good:
+ Looks amazing.
+ Performs very well.
+ Seems durable.

The Bad:
– A touch on the thin side.
– Will result in the death of geek’s souls everywhere when it gets stained.

The Verdict: 4.5
When it looks this good and performs this well, why shouldn’t you buy it?

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