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Tom Clancy’s The Division Review – The Division Between Beauty And Gameplay

Platforms: Xbox One, PS4 and PC Reviewed On: PC Developer: Ubisoft Publisher: Ubisoft Singleplayer: Yes (online connection required) Multiplayer: Yes The Division arrived with a huge amount of hype generated by Ubisoft thanks to years of footage, and has frequently been portrayed by the media as the company’s […]


Hitman Intro Pack Review – It’s A Hit, Man

Agent 47 returns in controversial fashion as Square Enix implement a bold episodic plan for one of their biggest licenses, something which we’ll discuss later in this review. But for now we have a taster of what is to come, enough to get a handle on whether IO have managed to bring their iconic character back into the favor of gamers after Absolution, a title that I personally really enjoyed but is often cited as being much weaker than fan-favorite Blood Money. Simply titled Hitman this fresh approach to selling a triple A game could be seen as a soft reboot of sorts, one that could potentially be the herald of big changes within the industry if its business model succeeds. There’s a lot riding on this, then, so is it any good?

Deponia Doomsday Review – Let’s Not Go Around One More Time

Having been suddenly revealed by Daedalic and arriving less than a week after they confirmed its existence my reaction to Deponia Doomsday was a confusing one. My initial feeling was one of joy. The Deponia games are arguably my favorite modern point and click titles, packing in a beautiful art style with a great sense of humor and fun story that centres around the biggest douchbag in history, a character who somehow manages to keep you playing through his adventures despite how big of a prat he is. However, once my initial reaction had subsided doubt creeped into my mind; while the ending of Goodbye Deponia caused some controversy it was supposed to be very final, and now after three years is another game needed? The answer, as it transpires, is no.