Starship Troopers: Extermination is pretty awesome – Early Access Review

The Starship Troopers license has always been a potentially rich resource for videogames and yet it’s only recently that developers seem to have noticed. I mean, a bunch of gung-ho marines battling endless hordes of giant bugs is ready-made for a horde-style multiplayer shooter. Starship Troopers: Extermination aims to fill that gap. It’s currently in Early Access and comes with all the expected foibles like a lack of content, but what’s important in Early Access is to look at the foundation, at what the vision is for the future, and on both of those counts Starship Troopers: Extermination is very promising.

The Playstation Showcase was just okay

After 600 days without a Showcase, expectations were high for Sony to show us what the next year or two is going to look like for Playstation. They’ve been fairly quiet thus far, leaving us very little to look forward to after Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Of course, hype is dangerous because it leads to dissapointment, and yet I don’t think it was unfair to be hyped for the Showcase. Many of Sony’s biggest studios haven’t released anything for a few years, so the timing was absolutely ripe for Sony to spend an hour show off exclusive after exclusive. But that isn’t what happened. Join me as I recap the Showcase and explain why I think it was underwhelming.

10 Predictions for Today’s Playstation Showcase

Sony has been fairly quiet for a while now, and their last big Showcase was a couple of years ago. So, today’s Playstation Showcase event is their chance to knock our socks off with heaps of cool announcements, reveals and looks at everything they have coming over the next year or two.

Because it’s fun to speculate and dream about what might show up, I’ve tossed together a very quick list of 10 predictions for the show, some far more likely than others. I can’t wait to see if I get anything right, so lets just jump into it.

Redfall is a Draining Experience – Review

There is no getting away from the immense pressure that Redfall has been under leading up to its launch. It’s the first drop of blood extracted from the purchase of Zenimax in 2021, the first game that has been mostly developed under the purview of new owner Microsoft. Xbox has been struggling with a lack of strong exclusives to compete with Sony’s high-quality outings and Nintendo’s established names. And surely with Arkane Austin on development duties, Redfall should be a home run? No. Despite being about vampires, Redfall has no fangs of its own. The only thing it shares with the undead blood-suckers is that it’s lifeless.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox Review

With a name like The Last Case of Benedict Fox, you might expect some sort of detective game, and that assumption is partially correct. Benedict is indeed a detective of sorts, one with a demon intertwined with his soul. In this early 1900s Lovecraftian-inspired Metroidvania you’ll delve into decaying memories, solve puzzles and fight shadowy entities. There’s a lot to love about The Last Case of Benedict Fox, but there are also a few problems that really hold it back.

Ravenlok Review – Game Pass Fodder

Ravenlok is the third game in developer Cococucumber’s self-described voxel trilogy, a series that is largely unconnected aside from its strikingly boxy visual style and a few characters. Launching straight onto Game Pass, Ravenlok is an action-adventure aimed younger gamers and casual players who want something light and breezy. It’s the gaming equivalent of a bedtime story.

Strayed Lights Review – A Spark of Brilliance

Strayed Lights is the debut title from Embers and they’ve certainly come out swinging. It’s a beautiful adventure that has you defending rather than attacking as you face down your inner demons. Not everything works, but there’s plenty that does, so let’s review Strayed Lights, shall we?

How to Become a Game Reviewer and Get Those Fabled Game Review Keys

For anyone with a passion for games getting them for free sounds like a dream, and for myself getting to write about them as well was doubly so. The good news is that anyone can start talking about video games, and in this article, I’ll give you a simple overview of how you can do that and what the process is behind getting review keys for new games! The bad news is that anyone can talk about games. And by that, I mean you face an incredible amount of competition. With the barrier to entry so low, anyone and their grandma’s dog can hurl their opinions into the great void known as the internet.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Review

The fact that it has taken this long to make a modern animated Mario movie is, quite frankly, mindboggling to me. Mario is one of the biggest names in all of gaming, one that is recognized worldwide, even by people who have never picked up a controller in their lives. It has been worth the wait, though, because The Super Mario Bros is pretty much everything I wanted from a Mario movie: it’s bright, cheerful, funny and chock full of references.

Moviehouse Review – Finally, a Sequel to The Movies?

In theory, Moviehouse combines two things I love: video games and movies. It hands over the keys to a movie studio, letting you hire writers and directors to craft scripts and produce movies across genres. It almost sounds like a spiritual successor to The Movies, a fantastic tycoon game from 2005 that has been crying out for a remake or sequel. Sadly, Moviehouse doesn’t capture the same charm as The Movies, nor does it improve on any of the concepts from 2005. In fact, it actually goes backwards with gameplay so simplistic you might think you’re playing a mobile game.