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Weekend Whammy: GeForce Now Troubles, Bones & Books

Bloody hell, it’s a Weekend Whammy that is actually being published on a weekend! Will the wonders of this world never cease!? So, for this weekend I’m going to ramble and rant about the GeForce Now controversy, some fun books, whether E3 might get cancelled, why I have a box of bones and whatever else might pop into my delightfully demented mind. Let’s do this.

Weekend Whammy: Next-gen Consoles Prices & Coronavirus

Hello dear readers, you have entered a world of magic, of love, of unending beauty, of…uh, stuff. Yes, it’s time for a another Weekend Whammy that isn’t remotely near a weekend! YEAH! This week, there’s no damn games! But there is some stuff to talk about in regards to the next-gen consoles, their costs and their power Oh, and the Coronavirus. That as well.