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Weekend Whammy: What Are You Guys Playing This Weekend?

God damn, weekend, you have to stop sneaking up on me like this!

Yup, the weekend is here yet again, thundering into our lives like a rhino that’s desperate for a Mars Bar. Why would a Rhino be desperate for a Mars Bar? I dunno. Just go with it.


Marvel’s Spider-Man Review – Spectacular

In the opening minutes of Marvel’s Spider-Man developer Insomniac nails the titular Webslinger perfectly twice; the first is when Peter Parker has to choose between trying to pay his rent or face eviction or to be Spider-Man and help fight an active crime. It’s the quintessential Peter Parker moment, the kind that has defined the character over the years. Peter Parker might be a genius and a superhero, but he’s always struggled to pay his rent and keep his lifted sorted. The second moment is when he goes diving out of his window in the classic costume and you get to experience the superb sensation of swinging around a beautiful virtual rendition of New York for the first time.

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