The Super Mario Bros. Movie Review

The fact that it has taken this long to make a modern animated Mario movie is, quite frankly, mindboggling to me. Mario is one of the biggest names in all of gaming, one that is recognized worldwide, even by people who have never picked up a controller in their lives. It has been worth the wait, though, because The Super Mario Bros is pretty much everything I wanted from a Mario movie: it’s bright, cheerful, funny and chock full of references.

Starship Troopers: Terran Command Review – C’Mon, You Apes, You Wanna Live Forever!?

This foray into the bug extermination by Slitherine isn’t based on the original book that was published in 1959. Hell, the fact that there even was a book will probably surprise a lot of people. I’m glad that developer Artistocrats chose to focus on the movie, though, because while I do usually hold that films based on books are typically inferior to their source material, in this instance I firmly believe the movie to be vastly superior to the pen and paper version. Plus, the movie is far more commonly known, although as much of a cult following as it has, the Starship Troopers name doesn’t have huge appeal. When I was a kid, Starship Troopers was a goofy, gory action flick, but as I grew up and rewatched it I started to notice its tongue-in-cheek humour and its emphasis on war propaganda. It’s a great movie and you should absolutely go and watch it. Although you certainly don’t need to have seen the film to enjoy this tight, fun little RTS, without the context the movie provides you might be left wondering if the game is being completely serious or if it’s taking the mickey. It’s the second one, in case you didn’t figure it out.

The Batman Review – Is This The Best Batman Movie?

The Batman is an origin story. Not the one you’re thinking of which we’ve seen depicted in film and comic form more times than Superman has abused his X-ray vision powers to spy on hot singles in his area. Director Matt Reeves doesn’t show us yet another slow-motion shot of Martha Wayne’s pearls scattering across a grimy alley as some low-life guns her and her husband down, leaving the crying Bruce Wayne to swear vengeance and grow up to wear a gimp suit with ears. No, in The Batman, Bruce has already been battling crime for 2-years. He’s still young, hot-headed and prone to losing control. He’s Vengeance, but he’s not The Batman. Not yet. Not until the credits roll on this excellent new telling of the Dark Knight.

Werewolves Within Movie Review

The horror-comedy genre is a sadly overlooked and undersupplied one. To me, most horror movies have a comedy element to them amidst all the blood and gore, and true comedy-horror movies are among my favourite type of film. So when one comes along featuring Werewolves, one of the coolest monsters around, and based on a video game I’m pretty excited. Werewolves Within is a 96-minute whodunnit romp that’s a surprisingly good time that’s fairly light on the horror but strong on the comedy and charm. And with a critic score of 86% and an audience score of 82% on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s one of the highest-rated video game adaptions ever.

Spider-Man: Far From Home SPOILER Review – Spectacular

This week I readied my lazy self to once again to venture outside into the harsh world and seek out the magical oasis that is the cinema. My goal was simple: watch Spider-Man: Far From Home. And eat a crap-load of Haribo. So, two goals, but you get the point. And drink a load of Coke. Okay, three goals.

The Minions Movie Review – Not Entirely Despicable

As a full-grown adult I have no problem admitting that I have a massive soft spot for animated movies. I love them. I love how they can be so expressive and lively and fun, yet still tackle tough subjects and provide emotionally wrenching moments. The best of them are family films rather than children’s films,…

Avengers: Age Of Ultron Spoiler Review – Brilliantly Flawed

Long term readers will know that usually my movie related content is kept solely to opinion pieces, but from now on I’ll be running the occasional movie review, sometimes with spoilers and sometimes not. Speaking of which, SPOILER WARNING! There’s a moment in the film where Hawkeye takes a moment to say, “The city’s flying; we’re…

New Mad Max Gameplay Trailer Is Actually Pretty Awesome

Releasing on September 1st the prospect of the forthcoming Mad Max game has been…divisive. The potential is certainly there, but many people were wondering if Avalanche Studios, most famous for the Just Cause games, could pull it off. Well, the new gameplay trailer seems to indicate that they can. We’re treated to vast vistas of…

Random Loot: How to Train Your Dragon 2, Or How To Make A Sequel

 Random Loot is a series in which I get to focus on one particular game, movie or even comic, be it relatively old or quite new, and then ramble about it, often going off-course in the process or using it to make a point about something else entirely. This series is far less critical than…