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Werewolves Within Movie Review

The horror-comedy genre is a sadly overlooked and undersupplied one. To me, most horror movies have a comedy element to them amidst all the blood and gore, and true comedy-horror movies are among my favourite type of film. So when one comes along featuring Werewolves, one of the coolest monsters around, and based on a video game I’m pretty excited. Werewolves Within is a 96-minute whodunnit romp that’s a surprisingly good time that’s fairly light on the horror but strong on the comedy and charm. And with a critic score of 86% and an audience score of 82% on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s one of the highest-rated video game adaptions ever.

Spider-Man: Far From Home SPOILER Review – Spectacular

This week I readied my lazy self to once again to venture outside into the harsh world and seek out the magical oasis that is the cinema. My goal was simple: watch Spider-Man: Far From Home. And eat a crap-load of Haribo. So, two goals, but you get the point. And drink a load of Coke. Okay, three goals.