Razer Basilisk V3 Review – Feature Packed & Comfy Mouse

The mouse market is a confusing place filled with equally confusing terminology and numbers. There’s so much choice out there, from established brands to a myriad of newcomers offering insanely light mice designed for people who have sacrificed thousands of hours upon the altars of competitive multiplayer. So when I went hunting to replace my Logitech G403 I was greeted with so many choices that my brain immediately displayed a 404 error and refused to do anything for a few hours. After a lot of searching, I settled on one of Razer’s latest mice, the Basilisk V3, their updated version of a mouse I actually reviewed back in 2017. Three revisions later, how is it holding up?

8BitDo Ultimate Wired Controller Review – The Best Pro Controller Alternative?

There’s no shortage of third-party controllers on the market from a wide variety of companies, some of which are reputable and some of which are just pushing out cheap tat. 8BitDo has managed to build a solid reputation, developing and releasing a variety of controllers across multiple platforms, including an arcade fight stick and some awesome retro-themed controllers. Today, I’m reviewing their so-called Ultimate controller, a reasonably priced piece of tech that punches well above its price bracket.

HyperX Cloud Mix Review – On Cloud 9?

There’s something so nice about putting on a pair of headphones and getting that feeling of the world fading away, leaving only music or the chatter of a podcast or the ambient noises of some fantasy world. It’s comforting, like being swaddled in a blanket while you shoot stuff in the face. What I’m getting…

HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Headset Review – Cloud 9

Having done very well so far with their Cloud line-up the folk over at HyperX have decided to have a stab at creating a wireless headset so that you can happily amble around your house oblivious to the cries of your attention-starved family while listening to music. Good times. Or at least, that was what I initially thought but as it turns out the Cloud Flight, which retails for around £120, isn’t very good for ignoring those people in your life that you feel obligated to be around. It is, however, rather good at gaming.

Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse – Review

  Tracking Resolution: 250 – 2,500 dpi Max. acceleration: >20G* Max. speed: up to  2 meters/second (80ips)* Responsiveness USB data format: 16 bits/axis USB report rate: Up to 500 reports/second There’s a deep suspicion of wireless mice, especially amongst the more competitive gamers out there as the reliance on signal strength can leave you vulnerable…

Steelseries H Wireless Headset – Review

Headphone                                               Transmitter                             Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20000Hz          Wireless Range: 12m (40ft) straight line Weight:…