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Rotastic – Review

Live Arcade Title Price: 800MSP Developer: Dancing Dots Studio Publisher: Focus Home Interactive Singleplayer: Yes Online: Leaderboards Split-screen: Yes. Thank you to Focus Home Interactive for providing a copy of Rotastic for review. According to history tought all over the world the Vikings a people who travelled great […]

Renegade Ops – Review

Xbox Live Arcade Title Price: 1200MSP Developer: Avalanche Studios Publisher: SEGA Singleplayer: Yes Co-op: Yes Splitscreen: Yes (Thank you to SEGA for providing this game for review) Avalanche Studio’s have taken the engine that powers Just Cause 2 and used it to create an Xbox Live Arcade twin-stick […]

The Baconing – Review

Release Date: Out Now! Developer: Hothead Games Publisher: Singleplayer: Yes Splitscreen: Yes Multiplayer: No Price: 1200MSP (Thank you to the publishers for providing a promotional code for The Baconing for review) Deathspank, hero to the downtrodden and well-meaning idiot, has returned for another round of hacking, slashing and looting in his […]

Bastion – Review

Xbox Live Arcade Title Price: 1200MSP Singleplayer: Yes Splitscreen: No Co-op: No Multiplayer: No Over the years the graphical prowess of games has continued to climb, yielding further and further technical advancements that allow games to look even more realistically brown, grey and dull. The desire for more […]

Lucha Fury – Review

Xbox Live Arcade Title  Price: 800MSP Release Date: Out Now! Singleplayer: Yes Multiplayer: Local Four Player Co-op. (Title provided free or charge by the publisher for review) Lucha Fury is a deceptive little minx. It greets you with a bright color palette and beautiful art design that looks like a […]

Moon Diver Dated for XBLA

It seems the side-scrolling shooter Moon Diver will be making its way onto Arcade on May 4th for the large price of 1200MSP. Moond Diver features 4-player co-op gameplay, a interesting art-style and harks back to the good old days of side-scrolling shooters filled with enemies and boss battles that […]

Yars’ Revenge – Review

Xbox Live Arcade Title Price: 800MSP Singleplayer: Yes Co-op: Local Only Multiplayer: No Thirty years ( was it really that long ago!?) a game called Yars’ Revenge was released and quickly became the Atari 2600’s best-selling game. It was a pixellated scrolling shooter, and it has little resemblance to the remake that […]

Rush’N Attack: Ex-Patriot

Xbox Live Arcade Title Price: 800MSP Singleplayer: Yes Multiplayer: No Co-op: No Side-scrolling games have been making somewhat of a comeback on XBLA of late, which goes to show there is always room for some good old-fashioned scrolling gameplay. With this return to glory for side-scrollers we’ve seen the likes […]

BloodRayne: Betrayal Announced for XBLA.

Majesco Entertainment have announced that they’ll be bringing a new version of BloodRayne to Xbox Live Arcade which will be developed by WayForward. The game, titled BloodRayne: Betrayal, is set to be a side scrolling hack ‘n’ slash according to the press release, and will include new weapons, characters and […]