Hi, how are you?

Very well thank you! I have my health and a bit of money in the bank so I can’t grumble too much!

Whats your first name?


Tell us a little about yourself?

I just turned 30 last October (yikes), I live by myself in a quiet corner of
County Durham, up in the North East (I am not a Geordie tho 🙂 )
I love football, support Liverpool, used to play to quite a high standard
(semi-pro) and have played against (at schoolboy level)  the likes of
Woodgate Gerrard and Owen. I work for a large Telecommunications company.
Outside of work I play 5-a-side, socialise, and play a lot of Xbox haha.

What was the best game of 2009 and why?

For me, there wasn’t one truly outstanding candidate, I had lots of fun with Fight Night 4, Dirt 2, the 2 GTA episodes, and a little game called Modern Warfare 2.  If I had to pick just one for the year, I would say Assassins Creed 2, I loved the gorgeous visuals, storyline etc (DaVinci’s flying
machine is pure WIN) although the way it ended was unexpected and to be honest I didn’t like it so much. But the rest of it was excellent,basically what the 1st game should have been in terms of content.
The crypts and viewpoints are a nice distraction and a lot of the time it was just fun
exploring the various vista’s of Florence Venice etc.

A couple of weeks back saw the new wave of Xbox Ambassadors which was greeted by alot of abuse, why do you think this is?

I honestly don’t have a strong opinion either way. What I would say is,  I
don’t think you need to have a badge to be helpful around the forums. For some people it’s important so for those people that’s fair enough, I tend to go by the motto of “live and let live” really. I wouldn’t hurl abuse at anyone over the forum anyway, it’s not my style and not very constructive to anyone.

Is there anything you would like to see changed on Xbox Live?

Harsher penalties for quitters/boosters and glitchers, for sure. For example, if it’s something like FIFA where a lot of people quit if they are losing, kick them off Live for a couple of days if they quit 3 times in a row or something, it might make them think twice before rage quitting.
I don’t know how enforceable this rule would be, it’s just an idea  but I think something should be done for the integrity of the game and the wider community in general.

What game/games are you most looking forward to in 2010?

Metro 2033 looks very nice, I’m not one for looking too far ahead so I don’t have a lot of others, I’d like some news about a GTA V but I doubt they will be talking much about it with the imminent release of EFLC on the other platforms. I could have been wrong on Alan Wake as well, wasn’t sure after seeing a couple of early videos but this looks very good from what I’ve seen on the dashboard.

Tell us a joke……

Erm I’m  not great at them, but here’s two bad ones… What do you call a man with a bird on his head? Cliff.
What do you call a man with a paper bag on his head? Russell. I could go on but I won’t haha.

Whats your proudest gaming moment?

Erm probably scoring an overhead kick with Torres on FIFA against a mate.
I’ve never been able to do it since, it was one of those WTF moments.. I was pretty chuffed when I got the “Join the Midnight Club” on GTA as well, just means I won a race with damaging my car, anyone who does the races will know it’s quite difficult to do!

If someone stole your Xbox, would you be willing to trade a family member to get it back?

My brother has loads of kids, maybe one of the nosier ones lol but it would have to be an elite and bundled with a few games haha.

Funniest Live moment?

Probably doing a race on GTA there’s always funny stuff happening, on one ofthe maps I got shoved off a bridge and landed upside down in between two silo’s so I was stuck with nowhere to go.. Then another car lands on top of me, bursts into flames, and we’re both somehow catapulted across the map, I ended up in a scrap yard of all places. These things are usually funnier at the time!

What do you think of the Xbox community as a whole?

I like it, most of my friends are on PSN but I’ve been really happy with the quality of games plus the various DLC I’ve purchased for the Xbox since I bought it coming up 2 years ago. The forum can be very useful for news reviews and opinions competitions and of course the banter there or online.

Do you read game reviews and if so, who’s do you trust most?

I do read some, although not one in particular. I think because there are so many sites these days it’s difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff. If I’m interested in a game I’ll go to Wiki, Google etc and make an informed
decision based on a number of different reviews, screenshots, demo’s etc.

There are alot of good people on who help out the community, nows your chance to give them a shoutout! who do you think are the best of the community?

I don’t know a lot of people on the forum very well, but people like Azrael,FatMond, Mexicola, (gr8 name ha) OrandaWeb, Pitzup, Manic Murphy, Miss Wotsit.. I usually find myself agreeing with them or laughing at something they’ve posted. Also props to A Drunk Reaper and Philip Dunnett for organizing the forum FIFA tourneys which are a good laugh.
I’m sure there’s lots more I like but I can’t remember right now.

What’s the most overrated game?

Bayonetta (for Az)

and the most underrated?

Dirt2. Superb racing game.

What do you see as the future of gaming?

3D graphics, definitely a controller or peripheral – and an Xbox 720

Will Xbox ever take over the world Terminator style?

I think their plans for world domination are coming along very nicely

Thanks for your time, it’s been a pleasure

No no thank you!

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