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Super powered people in games is something amazing, or it should be when developers actually get it right, but occasionally a game makes the grade like Batman: Arkham Asylum, so it’s with high hopes that we take a look at X-Men: Destiny and hope it can deliver the experience the X-Men deserve.

Developed by Silicon Knights, there is little details on the game thus far, but here’s what we know so far.

Destiny takes the form of an action RPG with a big focus on the “action” part of that sentence.
At the start of the game you’ll get to pick from three characters, each of which have been accepted into the official X-men cannon, who are part of a peace demonstration trying to counter the rising mutant hatred. It’s also important to note that each of these characters is the offspring of a human zealot, in other words a mutant hater.
Your character choice determines your baseline stats and backstory, and quickly after that you’ll be faced with the games first big choice: what powers do you want?
At the moment we know of three powers: Energy Projection, the ability to manipulate mass, and the final one remains a secret.

As the game progresses you’ll be faced with plenty of choices, most of them effecting your alignment in the world. Essentially whether you’re good or evil.
This isn’t a delicate and detailed moral system: each choice is simple and has either a black or white outcome. Good or evil.
These choices will help determine your allies and your enemies, and that can include anyone from the X-men themselves to Magneto.

Known game enemies at the moment are robots and the scarily named U-men who have stolen parts and powers from mutants to enhance themselves. Wierd? Hell yes.
The combat system to take down these enemies is a basic one: you have light and heavy attacks which can be combined into combo’s which build up your Mutant Power bar, which in turns lets you unleash bigger attacks.
It’s pretty simple stuff which begs the question will it have enough to keep the player playing or will the simple combat make you turn the game off early?

X-genes play a big part of the game as well. Each of these X-genes corresponds to an X-man you’ve met, and there are three for each. Equip one and you’ll take on some of the corresponding X-mans abilities allowing for more customisation of your character.
Interestingly it looks like you may have to give-up X-genes to complete certain goals so choosing how you want to do this could play a very important part of the game.
One such crucial moment comes after defeating a large boss and your fellow X-men urge you to destroy the gene so it can’t be used for terrible things, at this point in strolls Gambit who, shock, is in cahoots with Magnet and his crew. Gambit wants the gene so he can help build an army to stop the U-Men and the purifiers. This choice will help define the rest of the game, and plenty such moments have been promised for the full game.

X-men: Destiny is a promising title. The ability to create your own mutant mixed with a branching storyline and changing allegiances could make for a great story, and a great game.
The graphics are looking a little rough at the moment, but it’s early days yet and the potential has me interested. Only one question remains for me: will the storyline hold up to the premise?

X-Men: Destiny is currently slated for a….
Yeah, no confirmed release date, bar this year. However a Q3 or Q4 would seem likely

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