Pinball FX2: Fantastic Four DLC – Review

Cost: 240 Microsoft Points

It seems Zen has found the sweet spot with its Marvel license. The previously released pack of four tables based around such characters as the might Wolverine proved to be some of the best tables that Pinball FX2 has ever seen, and that runs looks set to continue as they release a new table to celeberate fifty years of the Fantastic Four.

Each of the Fantastic Four are represented on the table with the likes of Mr Fantastic stretching to save balls and the Thing smashing them around. It’s not just heros making a show here though, Dr. Doom also makes an appearence to try and ruin your day as well as others.

Again Zen have proven that they can craft a table that any gamer can enjoy regardless of skill level, but it should be noted that the Fantastic Four table does have a slightly steeper learning curve than many others as the shot required to actually activate the majority of missions is fairly difficult for players who prefer to just hammer the ball around. Still, regardless of your skill level you’ll usually still get interesting results by madly whacking the ball around, but those who prefer to learn a table in its every detail will be pleases to learn that there are plenty of missions to be overcome and tricky shots to be had.

The table is also a visual feast with bright colors and plenty of animations during the game to keep you distracted, along with some surprisingly good voice acting and music to help complete the package.

This a short review and for good reason; what more can be said? Zen have again crafted a fantastic table that can be enjoyed by any level of player, and one that also stands as a fitting fan tribute to the Fantastic Four.



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