New Star Trek Game Announced

Paramount have announced that they’ll be bringing a brand new Star Trek  game, based on the reboot of the franchise, to our console in 2012 with a stand-alone story that casts players as Kirk and Spock as they attempt to stop a legendary enemy. Any guesses on who that may be?

 ““Star Trek challenges the boundaries of co-op gameplay with a galactic adventure that gamers and fans have never experienced,” said Tom Lesinski, President of Paramount Digital Entertainment. “Working closely with the Star Trek filmmaking team throughout development, the game is sure to deliver AAA production values, a wide variety of gameplay and all the action you would expect from the hit franchise. This will be the definitive Star Trek gaming experience.”

The story is to be penned by Marianne Krawczyk, God of War, with close help from the writers and producers of the film.

The game itself is being developed by Digital Extremes who are known for Bioshock 2, The Darkness 2, Dark Sector and Unreal Tournament.

On a personal note I was a huge fan of the new film, and I’ve been a trekkie for many, many years. What am I getting at? Simple: mess this game up and my soul may very split in half, but not before I jam all those responsible in a Transporter and beam them into space.

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