Battlefield 3 Leaked Pre-Alpha Screen Shots and Information

UPDATE: Possible Lawsuit against person responsible for leaking screenshots?

A helpful user called ‘GOLD.i3DGwendoline’  over on the forums has now become one of the most beloved people on the internet. I suggest you send him some cookies.

Why has he become so loved? Because he has leaked some screenshots of the upcoming, and massively anticipated, Battlefield 3, along with some other information. The original thread in which he published this information seems to have disappeared.

The following screenshots and information is all from the PC version of the game, and is Pre-Alpha, so this is nothing like the finished product. I’d also like to remind people that we have no guarantee that these screenshots are real.

‘GOLD.i3DGwendoline’  said:
“At first, The game says I need nvidia driver 275.35, while the last one is 275.33.
So maybe there will be more graphic options when it is enabled…

The only options I could change where resolution, which I took 1680×1024.
Graphic Detail: High

– Maps looks good.
– Graphic settings is bugged, probably since the recommended driver version is not yet released.
– Very low recoil, tough there is bulletspread.
– Bullets bounce off metal.
– Surround sound is REALLY good, the sound of the rockets that flew by my head made me smile, explosions are really nice, a good deep drum.
– You can see your own legs when you look down, tough your weapon will stick thru your own leg… =x
– You do not walk fully silent when crouching.
– Infinite sprint.
– Tank can swim and jump (funny bug rofl)”

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    • I don’t know if he played any other Battlefield games or not. But how is he wrong? The “Tank” in the screens is an APC, but he may or may not have been referring to those screens.

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