Gamer Responsible For Leaking Pre-Alpha Screenshots Of Battlefield 3 Facing Lawsuit?

Just a few days ago the internet became ablaze with news that a user over on the Forums had leaked screenshots of the highly anticipated Battlefield 3. The screens showed early images of the multiplayer components from the game and looked rather low on detail, though this was expected being a pre-alpha build.

However, new information seems to have arrived on the scene suggesting another reason as to why the screenshots looked a little lacking, and that the user responsible for the leak may be facing a £175k lawsuit.

This information comes from the Forums where a user has quoted this:
“The screens were taken by a journalist who sadly is part of the CoD vs BF hate fest (this one being a CoD fanboy).
He set the resolution low as well as the graphics then initiated negative comments in the ingame chat (as seen in one of the screens) to try and “prove” that CoD is the superior title.
Dice/EA have contacted the idiot who forgot to remove his ID from a screen with the APC and he is being threatened with a £175k lawsuit.
All in all, yet another sad day in the never ending abortion that is fanboys arguing with each other. ”

Where the user quoted this information from is a mystery, and whether the quote is actually real is also unknown.

How did DICE manage to discover the person behind the leak? He forgot to remove his username from the screenshot of the APC. Whoops.

For those wondering how DICE could file a lawsuit against him: the person responsible for leaking the screenshots is in direct violation of the NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) which any journalist agrees to when viewing such information. Simply put: EA and DICE gave the user this build of the game or access to this build of the game with the express command that the user would not distribute any aspect of the build nor release any information of it until given permission. The NDA is easily enforced in a court of law.

So, is this lawsuit real? If it is then someone is heading up a certain creek without a certain useful object.

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