Freddy Krueger Is Coming To Mortal Kombat. Jason to follow?

Have you ever felt that Mortal Kombat’s roster simply isn’t packed full of enough psychotic lunatics with creepy powers and abilities? Have you ever felt as though they never had enough gruesome weapons capable of ripping of your limbs and using them as Kebab meat? Then you’ll be pleased to know that the disturbed, dangerous and downright creep Freddy Krueger is coming to Mortal Kombat as DLC.

Freddy is going to be coming with his own set of moves, two fatalities and his very own Arcade ladder ending. And you can get all that for just 400MSP when he becomes available to download on August 9th.

This announcement comes hot off the heels of rumours that circulated last month that speculated that Freddy and/or Jason might be coming to Mortal Kombat. Obviously we now know that half this rumour was true, but does it mean that we’ll also be seeing our favorite hockey mask wearing nutter any time soon?

Freddy vs Jason. FIGHT!

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    • So do I. To be honest I’m expecting Jason to be added as they did consider him. Plus, the idea of Jason vs Freddy would probably appeal to Ed Boon 🙂

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