Gears of War 2 25x XP Event Has Begun (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Remember boys and girls, you’ve got until midnight on the 19th of September to earn those wings!

It’s just one week until the release of Epic’s finale to the utterly brilliant Gears of War series, but many people still haven’t earned those lovely Wings for reaching rank 100 in Gears of War 2’s multiplayer, a feat that nets you a shiny achievement and some extra goodies for Gears 3. But don’t fear because Epic are here to help.

A 25x XP event was planned for this weekend, along with “tickers by the boatload” in Horde to help you get that dreaded Seriously 2.0 Achievement. But Rod Fergusson, AKA @gears viking, announced via Twitter today that the 25x XP event has been extended, and is, in fact, already up and running.

“Yes, Ticker madness for Seriously 2.0 and 25x for your wings is going on now till midnight on the 19th” Said Rod Fergusson.

So, if you’re still looking to grab those wings and prove that you’re a real Gears of War fan, why the hell are you still reading this?

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  1. this event is still on! what the hell! i’v been waiting for it to end to play normal horde and it’s still going on! when the hell does the stupid thing end!

    • This is beyond a “boatload” of tickers now its overload! I am sick and tired of tickers. I think epic just is trying to drive people crazy so they will go out and buy GOW3. This sucks. Bring back normal horde mode!

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