Microsoft Reversing Mistaken Bans And Offering Free Stuff As An Apology

Between the dates of August 29th and September 9th many Xbox gamers stormed onto their computers to register a complaint with the Xbox Live Enforcement team for being unfairly banned for modifying or tampering with their console.

But it seems that there was a screw up somewhere, as the Enforcement teams Stephen Toulouse made a guest appearance on Major Nelson’s blog to confirm that there had been a software issue and that a “handful” of consoles had been unjustly banned.

“Recently, it was brought to our attention that a number of customers had concerns about the validity of a recent ban of their individual consoles, which they feel had been triggered inaccurately. In this case, the bans were related specifically to modded consoles. I take these claims very seriously, and after an initial investigation we have confirmed that a handful of banned consoles did in-fact appear to not have been modified or tampered with. We’re still conducting our review but the cause appears to be a software issue, not an error on the part of the enforcement team’s normal actions.  It’s very specific and occurred between August 29 and September 9, affecting a very small percentage of users.” Stephen Toulouse stated.

If you’re console was one of those “handful” that was banned unfairly, you need only turn on your console to regain access to Xbox Live.

To apologise for their mistake, Microsoft will be giving those unjustly banned gamers 3-months of free Xbox Live Gold and 1600 Microsoft Points to play with. You don’t need to do anything to claim this free Live time or points, they’ll be automatically added to your account within the next few days. it’s important to note that the freebies will be added to the primary account on the console.

“I’d like to take a moment to personally apologize for the inconvenience this has almost certainly caused to the affected customers. You have my assurance that we are investigating how this error occurred and have since discontinued use of the software that was used. The Xbox LIVE community is the best out there and we regret the inconvenience this may have caused for our loyal members.” Said Stephen Toulouse.

So, for missing just one month of gaming online you’ll get a free three months and some points to spend. Not a bad deal, not a bad deal at all.

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