Battlefield 3 Online Pass Not Working? EA Aren’t Helping.

EA’s Online Pass scheme has now become an everyday part of gaming, with those who purchase the game new getting a code to play online and those purchasing the game pre-owned having to buy the Online Pass from the marketplace allowing EA to reap some profits from the second-hand market. But let’s not get into that argument.

But many gamers have purchased their shiny new copy of Battlefield 3 to discover that their Online Pass code isn’t working, but if you’re expecting EA to immediatly provide you with a new code then you’re out of luck as EA have responded to the problem with this:

“We are aware of the invalid code issue and we apologize for the inconvenience. Since certain retailers are affected by this issue, please check with the retailer where you purchased Battlefield 3 in order to receive a replacement code.”

Of course this doesn’t help should the store you bought the game from not have any codes to give, or if you bought it from an Ebay reseller etc. Ah well, there’s always the singleplayer, right? Right?

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  1. Oh dear god, I -hated- the single-player. The fact that EA is going to force me to pay to play their multiplayer (I rent games) is absurd when they give me such a TERRIBLE single-player. If I were to base my opinion of Battlefield 3 entirely upon the single-player (and I kind of have to), Battlefield 3 would be in my top five worst games released this year, alongside Red Faction: Armageddon and Duke Nukem Forever.

  2. Well mine was invalid and gamestop employee doesn’t seem to have any knowledge of a replacement code and directed me back to EA!!.

  3. Screw EA. I haven’t purchased a new EA game nor have I purchased any of the online passes. I refuse to pay extra money for sub par games and EA is going to regret treating gamers like this, especially gamers who are super into multiplayer games. Gamers aren’t stupid; they know that they have to pay for broadband, games, systems, and for XBL players, a monthly subscription fee. Gamers aren’t simply going to continue cough up hard earned money just because EA wants more money. We will just find other games to play, games from lesser known developers who are making quality games, not just cashing in by releasing crappy title after title.

  4. Sinlge player rocked, was much better than MW3 single player… However, MW3’s online multiplayer experience is more fun , since it’s not as realistic…Despite that, it’s free. Why Battlefield decided to charge just to play online is retarded and I think enough people are mad, especially those that rented it and/or got an invalid code and are getting the run around with the retailers and ea…lame

  5. It’s a complete crock that gamers have to be inconvenienced because EA is afraid of the resale market. I’ve got

  6. It’s a complete crock that gamers have to be inconvenienced because EA is afraid of the resale market. I’ve got Other bills to pay and can’t afford to lay down cash FOR NO REASON.
    Gabe Newell said it best; the only way to combat the resale/pirate market is to provide better service, NOT incOnvenience the consumer. F EA…

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