Skyrim DLC To Include Other Parts of Tamriel, Such As Morrowind?

The Morrowind Arch

Despite the fact that the majority of people out there have barely even scratched the surface of the hugely epic game that is Skyrim, plenty of people are already wondering what DLC Bethesda might have in store  for their latest Elder Scrolls game. Will we get more weapons? More spells? Or even a pet dragon called Gary? The list is endless.

However, a rather interesting piece of information has surface that might point to future DLC allowing us to visit other regions in the might land of Tamriel, as it has been discovered that other parts of Tamriel have been built into Skyrim itself.

A dedicated adventurer on the PC version of Skyrim travelled to Skyrim’s border and found the arch pictured above, but couldn’t pass through it. Using the mighty Ring of Odd Commands (that’s the console to you) to enter the mystical state known as the Meditation of Talos (that’s NoClip mode to you), he ventred forth to find….well, everything. Almost.

The strange path leading to the border

His journey began in the far the south-east at Stendarr’s beacon, which is located very close to where the border to Morrowwind would be. From there he discovered a strange path that runs inbetween two mountains, located north-east of Stendarr’s beacon. Being a true Elder Scrolls fan he immediately sent off, presumably killing the local wildlife as he went. At the end of the path is a strange stone wall with a wooden rampart, formed in the shape of an open arch, yet he couldn’t venture through it, instead encountering an invisible wall, but beyond were trees and foliage. And so he activated no-clip mode and was able to get through the barrier, and what he found on the other side amazed him. As he continued the texture-detail of the world declined until reaching a very simplistic detail, but what he found was the entire continent of Morrowind, including the mightyVvardenfell mountain. Past the mountains of Morrowind he discovered Cyrodill, complete with the Imperial City.

The massive landmasses have been scaled down somewhat, and their level of detail is very low, but there they are! Right there! The intrepid adventurer stated that he was unsure as to whether more continents existed, as they load very slowly and he didn’t have the patience to wait around and find out.

So now it’s time for speculation. One answer would be that Bethesda put them in to create a completely realistic background for Skyrim, yet this seems to be a lot of effort considering you can only see very small chunks of these continents from Skyrim. Another theory is that these landmasses exist so that modders can try to recreate them with more ease – something they’ve been trying to do for years. However, neither of these explantions adequetly explain the existence of the path and border gate to Morrowind. Surely Bethesda would simply have either had a closed gate at the border or just wouldn’t have created the path? This perhaps mean that future DLC will let us journey to Morrowind and Cyrodill, though it does seem a little far fetched at this point. And do these phantom continents exist on the console version of the game, or do they reside on the PC only?

Only time will tel, but you have to admit…’s pretty cool.

You can find his full story and plenty of pictures HERE.

Finally, keep an eye out for our Skyrim review, which should be coming in the next week or two. We’ve got complete it first, after all.

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  1. That is insane! Morrowind I think was the best out of all the elder scrolls games. If they redid Morrowind with updated graphics I would so buy it. I hope that is one of the places they put in the DLC.

    But, for right now they probably included that area in the game for those who know how to get past the barriers.

  2. i can confirm that the gate is there on the PS3. after reading this page i immediatley went to stendarr’s beacon (btw if you walk SE and you follow the blod on the floor you find a dwemer helmet and a strong box with only a small amount of gold and a ruby, next to a tattered flag near a wierd deformed skeleton!… the dwemer are back baby!)

    i followed the path that you suggested and indeed i am staring at the gate right now. i’m getting very excited at the idea of playing mainland morrowind (throthing at the mouth) but making that big a DLC seems rediculous, i just don’t thinkit would happen.

    also i do know that if you turn of the gravity by using that wierd thing you PC guys call ‘console’ then you can see all of the major landmarks like the whit gold tower.

    to be fair though i would much rather go to somewhere new unlike morrowind or cyrodiil, but somewhere like hammerfell or high rock.

    anyway, it’s there. seen it with my own two dark elf blazing red eyes and it makees me shed a little tear to see my home again hahaha

  3. If they added both of those continents, Bethesda could price it higher than the Skyrim itself and people would buy… I WOULD!!!!!!! lkujehguehgjnjgnjwrthnrlngn I am so excited!!!!

  4. @Tyler you need to go into the .ini file for skyrim and under general, type: “bBorderRegionsEnabled=0” ( you won’t need to go into no clip mode)

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