New Record for COD: Elite Attracts 1 Million Subscriptions

Written by Justin Taylor.

With gaming records broken in the sales market during the first week of release, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 has hit another benchmark in the gaming world. It was announced on Tuesday by Activision that Call of Duty: Elite has brought in over one million subscriptions. This comes after just one week of availability and right after Modern Warfare 3 had previously set first week revenue records. In total, there have been over four million users for Call of Duty: Elite, with nearly three million players taking advantage of the free services offered.
While the one million mark for subscribers is impressive enough in the gaming world, it’s a great benchmark for the rest of the entertainment industry as well. When compared to other entertainment industry subscription programs such as Xbox Live, Hulu and Netflix, Call of Duty: Elite attracted more paying members in a week’s time than the others could do in nearly a year.
The comparison with other entertainment subscriptions is another major coup for the gaming industry as MW3’s first week sales revenue also compared pretty favorably to big players in the music and movie markets. The first week sales numbers for MW3 accounted for more take in than film industry giants such as the Dark Knight, some of the Harry Potter films, as well as the just released film from the Twilight franchise.
The overwhelming positivity comes right after Call of Duty: Elite had experienced a handful of problems out of the gate. The service has certainly overshot its expectations and has had to handle an overwhelming amount of popularity in the first few weeks. This has led to overrun servers and software, as well as some issues with the registration process, logging in and some other parts of the service. Activision did announce plans for the service to be fully functioning by December 1, which is a sigh of relief, given the fact that there has been so much early interest.
The problems were said to be directly related to the above average response to the service, as well as an expectation from Activision that it would be activated mostly through other platforms such as PC. Activision is also planning to offer a free month of service for Founder members. With a record amount of subscribers in tow and plans to have the service up and fully functional by December 1, expect some more positive response to the subscription platform in the next few months.

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