Skyrim Update Fixes Things By Breaking Other Things!

You might have noticed that despite my glowing 10/10 score for Skyrim, I pointed out that there were a considerable number of glitches and bugs within the game. Well, today see’s the release of the 1.2 update for the game which promised to rid us of many of these problems, thereby justifying that immense score even further. And yes, the update does indeed get rid of many of the problems, which is, y’know, nice and all, but now it seems we have a whole new set of problems to content with. Damn.

Many users are now reporting that the new update has somehow removed ‘resistances’ and ‘weaknesses’ from the game completely. Any resistances to elements or poison that you or any NPC had are now vanished, leaving your Nord freezing his arse in the middle of a snowy tundra. Try and use a vampires natural aversion to fire against him and you’ll find that he merely scoffs at you before punching your nose through the back of your own skull. Of course now that his own resistances have vanished, you could just poison the smug son of a bitch. You could even freeze a Frost Atronach! Mind you, it also means that summoning a Flame Atronach to attack the enemy and hurling fireballs into the mix is now out of the window, because your beloved Flamey is going to take full damage from your fiery balls of…..well, fire.

Bethesda have already confirmed that they’re aware of the problem and are working on a fix, so patience is key here as it will have to pass through certification by Microsoft which can take some time.  And before you question Bethesda’s sanity, it’s important to remember that creating an update for a game like Skyrim where so many different elements exist is a difficult task, and that makes spotting every potential problem a nightmare, although this one does seem like it should have been cought in certification.

And be warned, this has made mage’s and dragons extremely deadly in a fight, so you might want to tackle these guys more carefully now until a fix becomes available. Just view it as a way to make yourself a better play.

You can find details on what the patch fixed HERE. Have you encountered any other wierd glitches or problems since the patch came out?

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    • Hehe, I’ve got to admit that even I’m baffled as to how they missed that one during certification. Maybe they’ll just fly backwards into a cliff and kill themselves, saving us the trouble

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