New Xbox ‘Metro’ Dashboard Update Gets A Bit Of A Delay

Regardless of whether you’re dreading it or eagerly awaiting it, the new update for the Xbox 360 Dashboard, also known as the ‘Metro’ update, is due out today. The new dashboard  in shiny new features such as Bing search (who uses Bing!?), Youtube and better Kinect functionality, as well as a spiffy new look.

However, it seems there has been a small hiccup  in getting the new Dash rolled out. Larry Hryb, whom most know as MajorNelson, revealed today via Twitter, because absolutely everything gets announced on Twitter now, that there has been a slight delay, saying: “FYI: The timing for Xbox 360 dashboard update has been slightly delayed. I’ll have a status update later today”

So, if you’ve been patiently waiting for the update then you might want to go find something to distract yourself until this delay gets sorted out, and if you’ve been dreading this moment then you should probably turn on your Xbox straight away and spend as much time as physically possible with your old Dashboard before it gets pried away from your sweaty fingers.


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