Bastion ‘Stranger’s Dream’ DLC Arriving Next Week

Quality Xbox Live Arcade titles are now fairly commonplace, yet earlier this year Supergiant’s XBLA attempt, Bastion, raised the bar even further by delivering a beautiful adventure that transfixed gamers around the world. But Supergiant always vowed that there would never be DLC for their game; it was a completely stand-alone title, they said.

Well, they lied.

As a thank you to their fans, Supergiant Games have announced that they’ll be releasing the Stranger’s Dream DLC on December 14th. The pack will contain a brand new Who Knows Where  sequence, with full narration, that provides a little more insight into Rucks’ backstory, as well as a few more snippets of information on the world of Caelondia. Along with that comes a brand new Score Attack mode, which challenges you with playing through the story with all Spirits and Idols unlocked, scoring points based on your combat efficiency and bragging rights on the new leaderboards.. Finally, there’s a No Sweat mode that lets you immediately respawn in the exact same location as you died, for those that just want to experience the story without all the trouble of actually having to put some effort in. Lazy buggers.

Thanks  to Microsoft’s barmy policy’s, Supergiant Games can’t release this DLC for free, despite the fact that Steam owners will be able to pick it up for no charge, so instead they’ll be charging a mere 80MSP for this slice of extra content.

Alright, so they went back on their word, but it’s hard to say no to extra content for a game such as Bastion.

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