Want Some Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Avatar Goodies? Competition Time!

Like you, your Avatar has the right to look as badass as he or she can, inspiring awe in all those who look upon them. And what better way to do that than dress them up in some tasty assassin’s gear!

So, the lovely lads and ladies over at Ubisoft have given me six codes for sweet Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Avatar costumes: three codes for male Avatars, and three codes for female Avatars! That way your Avatar can look cool, even if you don’t!

So there’s two ways to get your hands on these codes; the first is to simply follow us on Twitter @wolfsgamingblog  and then send us a Tweet on there simply saying, ” I want to win some AC:R goodies!”. Why use Twitter? Simple; I’d like to get more people following this site on Twitter, because that would be awesome to see!

If that’s not your thing then simply throw me an Email at badenronie@wolfsgamingblog.com with the subject line, ‘AC:R Goodies’, and the words, ” I want to win some AC:R Goodies’, in the body of the Email.

Winners will be picked entirely at random using some sort of converted doomsday machine, and will be sent their codes December 26th! And please do remember that these codes are for Xbox 360 only.

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