Tropico 4 Expansion Pack “Modern Times” Coming To XBL Marketplace

If you happened to be one of the people who not only heard of Tropico 4, but played it and liked it, then you may be pleasantly surprised (or infuriated with the fury of a thousand suns due to your extreme prejudice against DLC; I know the feeling) to know that Kalypso is still thinking about you.

Coming this March, a Tropico 4 expansion pack by the name of “Modern Times” (or Tropico 4: Modern Times if you want to get technical) will be released on XBL Marketplace for the low price of 1200 Microsoft Points in March, with no specific release date announced. It’s coming to PCs as well, but instead of $15 like on XBLA, it will cost $20. Not sure what the thinking is there. I thought PC games had a tendency to be cheaper, especially when it comes to Microsoft policies.

As you may have no doubt caught on, the expansion pack will allow you to modernize your nation. You’ll have the opportunity to develop technologies to start your own space programs, enable internet access (or limit it if you want to pass SOPA), and this doesn’t even include the new challenges or structures you’ll have access to: 30  newbuildings, 12 single-player missions, and 10 edicts, if you’re into numbers like 1200 Microsoft Points.

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