Could This Be A Resident Evil 6 Teaser?

A viral website by the name of has been located, and people suspect that it may be linked to a potential Resident Evil 6. If this is a teaser, then it’s the most convincing veil ever; it actually looks like a real conspiracy nut’s blog! Blurry images and terrible video quality are pretty good indicators that a Resident Evil game might be over the horizon. Do we start as we mean to go on?

Besides having some of the worst quality videos I’ve ever seen, there are several pictures that some graffiti artist who sniffs his own paint posted. I’m just kidding, it was obviously edited in Photoshop. What kind of company would actually vandalize public property to tease a game?

Note two things about the god-awful graffiti: the date (19.01.12, or 01/19/12 if you’re a true patriotic, apple pie-loving American) and what is a failed attempt at drawing a biohazard symbol. It looks like some sort of groovy hippie movement insignia.

There was a billboard image, with the branding Primesight on it. The Sixth Axis contacted Primesight and confirmed that the image was by Capcom. “Panel number is 2375 03 Parry Street,” said Primesight, “The company advertising on it is CAPCOM.” I mean, if the biohazard symbols and high school dropout-style web design weren’t proof enough for you. On the other hand, maybe it has something to do with the Illuminati.

If you’ve been keeping up with Resident Evil 6 news, you may recall the time when some asshole made up a Tokyo Game Show trailer that looked convincing enough, but was confirmed by the folks at Capcom to be about as fake as a good Superman game. This could just be some people tickling our noses again, but it’s worth noting that there is quite a bit of convincing evidence showing up all over the place.

One last note: another viral website known as was found with the same registrar as WEBFUSION LTD. Furthermore, they both yield the same Whois data. Both appear to be registered by “Identity Protection Service” in Surrey, United Kingdom.

Remember when I told you to note the dates written on the images? Note them again: it’s today. I’ll update this article as I learn more.

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