New XBLA Exclusive Title “Deadlight” In Development

A studio by the name of Tequila Works has announced that they are working on an XBox Live Arcade title called Deadlight, who describe the game as a “cinematic puzzle platformer.” One can guess that this would be in the vein of games such as Braid.

A description of the game can be seen on their website.

In an apocalyptic world where existence is futile, a solitary man treks the American west coast. The year is 1986 and a mysterious disease has decimated mankind, transforming people into killer automatons. Survival is the measure of all in this original cinematic puzzle platformer. Deadlight is the frightening odyssey of an ordinary man fighting extinction like a flame in the desert. Hopeless and unable to escape the horrors of a dying world, Randall Wayne will reveal himself as a natural born survivor.

The game’s launch window is summer 2012, at the moment, but considering that this is a developer I’ve never heard of and this appears to be their first game, it is likely to be delayed. If you want a little confidence to invest in this game, some of the employees at Tequila Works were originally employed by Blizzard Entertainment and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

According to some of the screenshots, the “enemies” (if that’s what they are) appear to be either ghostly apparitions or zombies, but I’m in favor of the former if I’m looking at the screenshots right.


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