Syndicate 4-Player Co-Op Launching In January

If you’ve been looking at the new Syndicate game being developed by Starbreeze Studios and you don’t hate it for being different from the other Syndicate games, then you might be interested in the upcoming demo. You’ll have the opportunity to play one of the nine co-op missions alongside three other people before the game launches.

There is nothing to be said about the exact release date, but the demo will only be available for a limited time, so I suggest you keep checking back every day for the demo on XBL Marketplace or PSN, depending on which console(s) you own. Like a release date, it is unknown if this demo will be available on PCs.

The goal of the mission is to infiltrate rival syndicate Cayman Global and sabotage them along with three other players.

If things don’t go well for the demo, I’m willing to bet that the game will be delayed. I suppose we should consider this our multiplayer beta, per se. I’d like to play Syndicate, but I feel judgmentally biased against Electronic Arts for being – in my opinion – a scum-sucking, money-grubbing publisher. But that’s for another day. There’s no harm in downloading the demo, after all… right?

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